10 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200


In this video, I chose a bunch of mountain bike products between $5 and $200. We still have some great riding weather in some parts of the world, and the holidays are fast approaching, so hopefully some of this stuff proves useful or at least entertaining!
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Pedros Micro Levers bit.ly/3pKWydC
12-Speed Master Link bit.ly/3317ABJ
1-Speed Master Link bit.ly/32XZrxY
Park Tool Tape Measure bit.ly/3frBILT
Bike Armor Mini Shields: bit.ly/3kHOsip
LEZYNE Classic Tubeless Kit: bit.ly/3kIrqYJ
DAKINE Accessory Case:bit.ly/2IWkOc4
POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pads: bit.ly/36O206U
POC Axion Spin Helmet: bit.ly/3kLGsgh
Thule Home/Shop Bike Stand bit.ly/3lQZkM8
Other Stands bit.ly/32ZbtHy
KNOG Pwr Mountain 2000 Headlight: bit.ly/3kMSZA6
Fox Tailgate Cover: bit.ly/36QdSFA
Thule Tailgate Pad: bit.ly/3fdvq2h
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  • FreshButtaBricks
    FreshButtaBricks20 minutter siden

    In my honest opinion you should have done some hooning in a gravel parking lot with the Thule tailgate pad fully loaded

  • DFW rider
    DFW rider37 minutter siden

    you didnt blur your license plate. i know what im doing next time im in asheville.

  • FreshButtaBricks
    FreshButtaBricks39 minutter siden

    4:08 theis

  • Moe
    Moe58 minutter siden

    Hey Seth, you should really try the Sigma Buster 2000HL light! It's amazing! 2000 lumens, IP44, handlebar and helmet mount and a handlebar remote for just 180€!

  • Sergej Nadaždin
    Sergej NadaždinTime siden

    So, I wanted to get this off my chest for some time, but I don't know where can I talk about stuff like this. Sorry if this isn't any good for anyone, but at least it'll make me feel better. I think I'm done with biking. It's probably the end for now. Lately, things have not been so good, and this whole COVID situation made it even worse. Since my parents produce and sell homemade jewellry by themselves, there must be tourists for them to earn money. But half of Europe is closed down, and they legally cannot work. I'm only 14 so I cannot work either. My bikes have been the only thing I really love for the past 4 years. It's the reason I got into shape, started working out and overall changing my lifestyle. The problem is, I've never "had any luck" with things lasting since I was a small kid. New things would always break, but since I was a kid, the things I had were easily replaceable. When I started mountain biking, it was the same. Things break, buy parts to fix. A year and a half ago, I bought a used downhill bike for €600, the money I collected for 3 years. The bike was a Scott Gambler FR20 (in my profile picture) from 2009. It was the best purchase of my life. Ioved it. But then, the bad things started pouring in. Parts started breaking. At least they were simple parts (derailleur, shifter, brakes), but still expensive. After some time I have acquired boxes full of old (and new) parts and equipment. Then my bike got stolen. Those 4 weeks were total depression. Somehow I got my bike back (I wanted to kill the kid that stole it, but he knows people all over the town that could literally kill me, so I didn't), but it was totally destroyed. Then I spent €700 on new parts, and some of them (seatpost, rear dropouts) were almost impossible to find. Then I found out some of the parts didn't fit. Then I spent some more money on other parts. Finally, the bike was complete. I finished the bike this year in January, and last month it broke down again. The forks (that were serviced last year) overtime leaked all the oil out and the bushings were worn. Luckily I picked up an old 24" dirt jumper for €35 that was in bad shape. I planned it to be a cheap build and to have it as a secondary bike for street riding, but it ended up sucking up all the money I had and took half the parts from the DH bike. That was a problem, since we get around €100 per month, and we need to pay rent, bills and have food on the table, so the best thing to do is try to save as much money as possible. The dirt jumper was surprisingly good, I learned how to manual, do huge bunnyhops, fakie, 180 and some other stuff. And then the left cranksl on the dirt jumper broke off. The bottom bracket spindle broke, and the thread holding the pedal got completely destroyed. Usually I would go ride every day, and come back home feeling better and ready to do other things like school. But It has been 2 weeks since I broke the bike, and I haven't gone outside at all. Last Friday, I bought a used but still expensive bottom bracket, carefully measured everything to make sure it would fit, and went to a local bike shop to get the bottom bracket installed, since I didn't have the tools for that (even though I work on my bike at home, from truing rims to bleeding brakes). The whole ordeal cost me €60. Then I went to install the cranks, and they hit the frame. I completely lost my shit. I wanted to kill myself. A wider bottom bracket doesn't fit, and you can't find wider cranks for that bottom bracket. Something like this always happens to me. Either the parts are discontinued, exotic or are impossible to fit together. This caused me so much pain and trouble in the past, but today was enough. I think I'll sell what's left of both bikes and all my equipment, and leave biking for now. The money would help us survive this whole situation, and after a few years, when I can earn my own money, I'll start again. It's been total chaos for the past 2 years, school is taking away time from everything else, and I don't want to have bad grades, since I don't want to ruin my future. I'll never forget all the good memories I had with my bike and friends, but I think it's time to adapt to thr current situation. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I may edit this comment if I found out I forgot something. Thanks for spending your time to read this. It's probably unnecessary, but at least I don't feel so lost now.

    SAVAGE GAMERTime siden


  • Andrzej Karpiński
    Andrzej KarpińskiTime siden

    How are Uvex helmets over the pond ? Do you use them ? Do they have a good opinion ?

  • Deyan Dimitrov
    Deyan Dimitrov2 timer siden

    Seth: releases a 17 min video Me: *freaks out*

  • BountyHunter 08
    BountyHunter 085 timer siden

    Believe me : I don't even have a mountain bike

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson5 timer siden

    I like ur cut g

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy5 timer siden

    How do you fix a damaged chain? First, we need to damage it! Proceeds to smash a good chain - nooo! ;)

  • b Rootles
    b Rootles7 timer siden

    This is refreshing. Hated the video of products Seth didn’t like 😂

  • Hank D.
    Hank D.7 timer siden

    Hey Seth, You should do a video where you re-watch and react to some of your early videos.

  • Dylan Hansen
    Dylan Hansen8 timer siden

    yo g

  • yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    5 timer siden

    Challenge: Take a drink every time Seth says Refined or Substantial

  • Саша
    Саша8 timer siden

    The POC Axion Spin is the best helmet I ever had! The spin technology works similar to the MIPS technology. It alows the helmet to spin around your head in case of impact. The built POC quality is as ussual great!

  • 7 Days
    7 Days8 timer siden

    ayo the kid driving the car

  • xSmallz
    xSmallz10 timer siden

    Hey Seth I’m just wondering if I can convert my 2x9 bike to a 1x9 by just getting a new chainring and a 9sp chain?

  • Ashwin Fritsch
    Ashwin Fritsch11 timer siden

    That bike clip holder thingy looks very very helpful for my mtb maintenance. Also great vid!!! And hope you recover soon.

  • Tucker Larson
    Tucker Larson11 timer siden

    This felt like an infomercial

  • Connor Sinapi
    Connor Sinapi11 timer siden

    Hey man, do you know a place that I can get a synchros matchbox tailor?

  • Connor Sinapi
    Connor Sinapi11 timer siden

    POC or Kali knee/elbow guard

  • aliebn
    aliebn13 timer siden

    I would agree that the Thule design is not as cute as the fox ! They look like they’d be easy to customize with a lot of cool designs...I’m sure Thule would benefit from providing that if they don’t already do. Great vid Seth! Fast recoveries 🙏

  • UnnamedRacer
    UnnamedRacer13 timer siden

    “Or maybe you are special and you deserve it” Why do I love this so much

  • Jaedyn Copeland
    Jaedyn Copeland13 timer siden

    Man he really said 2.75

  • Romanski
    Romanski13 timer siden

    can you make a video on how to start and get into mountain biking

  • Tater Ames
    Tater Ames13 timer siden

    Seth I love your videos and you have inspired me to try mountain biking but the only good bike was from Walmart at the higher end of bikes but one crash ruined my derailleur and a new one is more than I have

  • GotGolf18
    GotGolf1813 timer siden

    PSA, don't let your tape measure slam shut like that.

  • Flawless Films LLC
    Flawless Films LLC14 timer siden

    I actually did a review of bike lights on my channel about the best lights for night riding... if anyone is interested, defiantly way under 200!

  • Charlie Briggs
    Charlie Briggs15 timer siden

    Challenge: Take a drink every time Seth says Refined or Substantial

  • Felipe Andrade de Carvalho

    Felipe Andrade de Carvalho

    4 timer siden

    My body is now 90% water.

  • B V
    B V15 timer siden

    I used an orange lego brick to remove tires lol

  • Aspxctz YT
    Aspxctz YT15 timer siden

    After my first mountain bike trip, I fell in love with the sport. Then, I found your channels. I’ve been watching your videos for about 3-4 years now, and today, after years of waiting and working, was the day I finally bought a mountain bike. I’m about to be 15 on Tuesday. The bike I purchased was the Kona Honzo. This bike is $1,500 usd and lemme tell you guys. It’s one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever had

  • Simen Skogsrud
    Simen Skogsrud16 timer siden

    Broke my Knog light mounting bracket in a slight crash. Turned out you can't buy new brackets without paying for a whole new lamp. A bit sad, because it was a good product otherwise.

  • tonketsu
    tonketsu16 timer siden

    My mans really just tried to sell us a normal measuring tape as if it were gold

  • JD JD
    JD JD17 timer siden

    Upgrade ur knee bike

  • Nathan Rock
    Nathan Rock17 timer siden

    “It’s way over engineered..... ......and I like it!” I’ve got to be honest, I do love something that’s over engineered

  • Keith Furrow
    Keith Furrow18 timer siden

    A horse saddle pad works great on a tailgate if there is only one bike.

  • marshy_ 17
    marshy_ 1719 timer siden

    But u can just go to the hardware shops and get one from they over here I've got one that only costed me what £10 because he got all the same things that are really well made

  • marshy_ 17
    marshy_ 1719 timer siden

    Sorry but i subscribe to because when I started watching u didn't say something stupid at the beginning of the video but now ur become a like the rest on here and say the same thing when over and over knowing ur aren't doing the same thing ur doing something different so really ur a just like the rest on NOlocal now and getting boring for saying the same thing over when ur not doing the same thing

  • dahhom5
    dahhom519 timer siden

    I hope you're back doing the things you love soon

  • TTv_Tesco 105
    TTv_Tesco 10519 timer siden

    What happened to his sethbikehacks account ?

  • helvettefaensatan
    helvettefaensatan19 timer siden

    You are obsessive, not compulsive. I thought you had more respect for mental health than that.

  • Island Aerial
    Island Aerial20 timer siden

    Nothing is this reasonably priced up here in Canazuela. You have a Class 3 reciever, why wouldn't you just use a bike rack?

  • MTB Bronco
    MTB Bronco20 timer siden


  • Satish Lohar
    Satish Lohar21 time siden

    You should get a downhill bike, the diamondback db8

  • MTB’r Wanna be
    MTB’r Wanna be21 time siden

    Some of your best work mate 🤘. Love product reviews ❤️

  • Para te
    Para te21 time siden

    my decathlon st helmet is just as good and 1/5 the price of that poc.

  • eliike21
    eliike2121 time siden

    Seth u should do a backyard trail competition

  • Peak xx
    Peak xx21 time siden

    Hey seth can i buy an fox 36 from you i have 40 bucks take it or leave it

  • Digitalkiller
    Digitalkiller22 timer siden

    I love the clarity of this video. Which camera are you using? Looks really good specially when you were riding your bike at night with the light outside.

  • Fredrik Borsand
    Fredrik Borsand22 timer siden

    Can You have a house tour

  • Rejan Gandia
    Rejan Gandia22 timer siden

    I wish i have a bike

  • Grant Hough
    Grant Hough22 timer siden

    don't let the price tag fool you the pueblo is a solid bike outfitted for a great ride at the intersection of value and performance whether you're looking for a way to get out of the house with family and friends or need something to mix up your workout the pueblo will get you where you want to go the 26 inch wheels make the bike highly maneuverable for you to take on tight trail turns with ease while the wide knobby tires will give you the traction you need to get going particularly on off-road surfaces the shimano derailleur components front and back enable you to shift easily between high and low gear depending on the terrain available in a number of sizes there's a size ready for every rider so what are you waiting for hop on and get out there [Music]

  • kian salunga
    kian salunga22 timer siden

    Why am i here at 3 am watching bike stuff even tho i dont even go out and use my bike

  • stevenx3m
    stevenx3m23 timer siden

    Nice review. Thule are known for excellent products, which are very well thought out. They are not a cheap brand, but it is worth it. I had tripple bike rack for the back of my car from them and it was great. I wonder why did you need the quick link for the chain when you had the chain tool? It is easier to connect it with the quick link, but not really needed if you have the tool. I used to use competitive cyclist's frame calculator, but now they are banned in EU for refusing to implement GDPR. Basically they say they don't care for privacy and they are free to use your data anyway they see fit.

  • Ken Jones
    Ken Jones23 timer siden

    Glad to see you getting involved with the kids. Does the parents know you let that one drive your truck. Looking for "Favorite Uncle" status?

  • Blair ketteman
    Blair kettemanDag siden

    You literally teach me more then my actual classes. I’ve watched your videos since you’re trek that you started the channel with. Love the content

  • Roberto Estivill
    Roberto EstivillDag siden

    Wow, park tool actually has an affordable tool? Crazy times...

  • wakeupandbord
    wakeupandbordDag siden

    Anyone else cringe when they hear the word bicycle?

  • Oldpuck81
    Oldpuck81Dag siden

    now if Pedro can just hide a pump inside those levers....

  • Subba Rao P
    Subba Rao PDag siden

    Seth I am 12 year old and it's my 12 th birthday today and I was wondering what is the cycle for me to use which is not a mountain bike but just enough for me to use gears and have fun. Please like this so Seth can see this. Please?

  • Sam Me
    Sam MeDag siden

    true Seth this needs to change

  • Prakash Meena
    Prakash MeenaDag siden

    I have too much respect for you Seth, get well soon❤️

  • The joys Bros x1
    The joys Bros x1Dag siden

    Why don’t you customise a kid bike and ride park with it

  • Hans Meienberg
    Hans MeienbergDag siden

    This seems more like an advertisement video than a real review like you did it in the past :-(

  • Prab Han
    Prab HanDag siden

    Im a 13 rider and I have a burning desire to ride with those kids. But I live halfway across the globe frim america. ☹☹

  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver ClarkDag siden

    05:56 so basically a pencil case

  • Julian Tocci
    Julian TocciDag siden

    How old is the kid driving the car bro

  • I D K
    I D KDag siden

    Anyone else gonna talk about a kid driving a truck

  • prodbycork
    prodbycorkDag siden

    it would be so cool if seth did a meetup when covid is in control, i would love to ride with him

  • Samppa109 s
    Samppa109 sDag siden

    Seth's Word of the day: refined

  • Dominic Rettas
    Dominic RettasDag siden

    Which is better hardtail or dual and what type/brand?

  • Austin Dugmore
    Austin DugmoreDag siden

    Seth please go back to trail riding

  • Ofbaserion
    OfbaserionDag siden

    IMO every helmet should come with a fidlock strap.

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua MackDag siden

    Suggestion that may be possible or not: people frankenstein plants together. Given that, could you half decapitate a tree and push in a wedge from another tree creating a curved tree and eventually a living mtb feature, tunnel, bridge? I read some students flipped a tree and it's roots became branches. What if you dug out trees n just stack em sideways? Cover the roots in some dirt? Perhaps you get a durable base for a ramp etc or just a bumpy thing to ride over,with green left n right

  • Blake Bradley
    Blake BradleyDag siden

    are you ever gonna build something out of the attic storage above the garage?

  • Jeff Phoon
    Jeff PhoonDag siden

    Saw someone else using the same knee scooter just the other day

  • Luuk mtb
    Luuk mtbDag siden

    You should test lezyne lights

  • TK Switch
    TK SwitchDag siden

    Thankyou for a long vid


    Hey seth tape measure cost 1dollars in india

  • Harry
    HarryDag siden

    10/10 recommend anything from Knog!

  • Nick Ricciuto
    Nick RicciutoDag siden

    My parents won’t let me get a new bike but I love mountain biking and I want to get a bike that can help me perform to my pb.

  • Nick Ricciuto
    Nick RicciutoDag siden

    Can I please have one of your old dualies

  • Claydoggsbikes
    ClaydoggsbikesDag siden

    This seems sponsored

  • 교포 BIKE
    교포 BIKEDag siden

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    Michael WetzelDag siden

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  • Vanilla Gaming
    Vanilla GamingDag siden

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  • Vanilla Gaming

    Vanilla Gaming

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  • the man with no name

    the man with no name

    Dag siden


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    Noah BrittainDag siden

    Because you are hurt can we see more RC content

  • Collin Wilson
    Collin WilsonDag siden

    Hey Seth my name is Collin i know that you don’t know me I love your content, and mountain biking looks fun but I or my parents can’t afford nice expensive bikes so I would like some help finding a good bike that won’t just brake the hope you can thanks for the content

  • folkJ
    folkJDag siden

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    AJS MADE ITDag siden

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  • Kevin Montajes
    Kevin MontajesDag siden

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  • Gerardo Isaac Fernandez campos
    Gerardo Isaac Fernandez camposDag siden

    did u upgrade your knee walker grips? LOL big fan bro!

  • Matt Omann
    Matt OmannDag siden

    One thing to note about field fixing your chain with a master link is if you need to shorten your chain, you also can't shift into your lowest gear. To accomodate for having a shorter chain you can mentally remember to stay out of the last 1-2 largest gears of your cassete, or use your low limit screw to prevent shifting into them.

  • AtomicTiger
    AtomicTigerDag siden

    The dakine pack was just a pencil case.......